Getting ready for 2018

I found these absolutely adorable shoes, wear them with whatever you might find suitable always nice to wear a black simple dress and have the shoe be the main attraction in your outfit. and your lipstick draw the attention to your face!



Baby it´s cold out side

Winter is getting closer and it is getting colder, time to get comfy in fromt of the burning candles and the open fire place. And mots of all it the time of the year to bring out the warmer clothes. About a month ago I started to wear my comfy Moncler jacket and yes I love it. It was worth the money to say at least.

Looking at some really nice winter outfits- prepare for the coming season

Older models on the runway

Through all the massmedia latest #women empowering that has been going on, the lastest being the #MeeToo I can see a new generation breaking though with a different outlook on life, and it makes me so proud that it is finally happening. Out on the runway and on covers is another trend emerging- the older fashion model. We must not forget that the majority of the people who is going to wear the clothes shown on the runway are not young girls 12-18 years old but women and men ages 25 and up.

Victoria Beckham – a winner

Few times have I came across something designed by Beckham that I actually did´t like. The design is flawless and very feminin and very elegant, with a maskuline touch.

The black dress with the zipper that runs all over the back is my all time favorite and can easily become a favorite in my closet, good enough to have to the cocktail party or an after work event.

Nice oversize sweaters that goes with skirts as well as pants, in my world Victoria did it again, she is truly a winner once more.


Fall trends 2017

It's nice, when you still have the tanned legs and some summer kissed cheeks. I am trying hard to break the black trend, I want to go with more colors, but I tend to choose the safe way and end up buying a lot of black for the upcoming fall closet.

Well this fall is about pant with details, fun details, flowers and colors. and the good part is that you can where this with a plain color t-shirt or skirt or pants. for me who has a large base in the color black see this as an opportunity to buy some nice colorful add-ons to wear with the clothes. We see long skirts, maxi dresses and jumpsuits, jumpers with detailed arms and new different happenings.

Mix cheap with expensive and follow your hearts desire..



Winter hair trends

So the last strands of sun bleach hair is slowly getting dull, as the sun shows it self for less hours per day. We need something to lift us up again, I found som really cool hair trends These cool hair trends are on the rise. Hombre is still popular and I must say I love it. It looks natural and it´s good for us who have longer hair. The visit to the hair dresser becomes less frequent since roots become less visible. So it´s a win win situation in many ways? Right.

New for this year are the new brave colors, you find all kinds of colors from purple, grey, and even the coolest one f them all rainbow color! Big curls and long hair is still in fashion.

winter-hair-colour-805191_w650.jpgd5855b7958aef4a331e2cc6d6a7a88e9.jpg2015-Fall-Winter-2016-Hair-Color-Trends-527x330.jpgmixed umbre.jpegwawe.jpegbob.jpegb7b674c93241a03ad59ae82f680361ec.jpgc96c19eeedddaaaa774190dd56702cd3.jpg


Fall is in the air

Fall is just around the corner and the summer nights are getting a bit chillier and darker. We can still enjoy the sun during that days, but probably need a small jacket at night, at least where I am located. So to get ready for fall I have found some really nice outfits to fill the wardrobe with. Nothing really sticks out for the fall 2016, it feels like you can wear what ever you feel comfortable with. Fashion is what you make of it. Pick an choose from these hot items from Net a Porter!

Oscar De la Renta .jpgKarl Lagerfeld.jpgETRO.jpgAnn Demeulemeester.jpgIsabel Marant.jpgVictoria Beckham .jpgAcne Studios .jpgJoseph.jpgVictoria Beckham 2.jpgBella Freud.jpgBY MALAENE BIRGER.jpgMichael Kors.jpgRoksansa.jpgPrada.jpgVictoria Beckham .jpg




I just fell in love with those handbags the minute I layed an eye on them. A smaller size bag, that goes perfect with the new spring fashion, bootlegged jeans. 

Just love the new trend with smaller bags. I own a couple of middle zised tot bags/purses and also an overzised TOT bag so a smaller bag will surely be a welcomed addition to my bag collection.   


Sporty fashion

Need to look good when doing Sports. Finally manage to stick to your New Year resolution? Well congratulations well done! I found these really nice outfits that will surely make a statement where ever you choose to do your workout.